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Before having a successful career as an illusionist, Criss Angel tried for years to become a successful musician. Criss attempted to merge the worlds of magic and music together by forming various rock bands throughout the 1980s and 90s with varying degrees of success. Criss' love for music ultimately helped further his career in magic when it came to creating and producing music for his TV specials, Mindfreak TV series, and ultimately, his Cirque du Soleil stage show and Spike TV series Criss Angel BeLIEve.

Criss has also collaborated with other successful artists, including Sully Erna, Jonathan Davis (Korn), Klay Scott/Klayton (Celldweller), and most recently DJ Krash and Three Six Mafia. These collaborations, as well as CDs that have been released over the years, are listed below, beginning with the most recent.

click to view a larger image "Blackstar" Song / Just Like You
Mindfreak LIVE (2016) / RAW (2018)

Celldweller continues to be a source of inspiration for Criss Angel, and his music is often used in his live shows in Vegas and on tour.

Two standout songs include "It Makes No Difference Who We Are," played during Criss Angel's "Blackstar" silver dollar coin routine in Vegas and on tour, and "Just Like You," which is the opening song in Criss Angel RAW.

Celldweller's music can be purchased on iTunes here.
click to view a larger image The Supernaturalists
Official Soundtrack

Release Date - 2015

To coincide with the stage production, an official soundtrack was released for The Supernaturalists in late 2015. Featuring music by longtime friend and collaborator Klayton of Celldweller, the soundtrack features 29 songs on 2 CDs. The song titles have been reimagined for The Supernaturalists, with the original titles in paranthesis. Purchase the soundtrack on tour or at CrissAngel.com!
click to view a larger image How I Feel - DJ Krash
Release Date - 2013

In the Fall of 2013, Criss began tweeting about a song called "How I Feel" by up & coming music star DJ Krash. The song is used as background music in several illusions on the Spike TV series BeLIEve. Not much is known about DJ Krash, but he does have his own web site and Twitter account @realdjkrash. Will we hear more from DJ Krash? Will Krash and Criss collaborate on music together? Stay tuned...
click to view a larger image Why Not - James Davies and Peter Crossman
Release Date - 2013

One of the most promoted demonstrations of the Spike TV Series BeLIEve was "Reality Is Perspective." This demonstration was on the front page of YouTube.com on October 15, 2013, the day the series premiered on Spike. The background music in this demonstration is a song called "Why Not" by James Davies and Peter Crossman, from an album called "Ambient Dubstep." You can purchase the song on ITunes by clicking HERE.
click to view a larger image Criss Angel BeLIEve soundtrack
Release Date - 2010

Two years after its premiere in 2008, the original score for Criss Angel BeLIEve has been released. Composed by Eric Serra, the soundtrack features the original music shown in the 2008-2009 performances of Criss Angel BeLIEve.
click to view a larger image Mindfreak
Release Date - 2007

This iTunes-only release is full of music from Criss Angel Mindfreak on A&E. Many of the illusions in the TV series feature this music in the background.
click to view a larger image Mindfreak - A&E TV Series Soundtrack
Release Date - 2006

Criss released a soundtrack for his popular TV series "Criss Angel Mindfreak" in 2006. A majority of the songs were lifted from Criss' earlier Systems in the Trilogy CDs, with a few brand new songs recorded specifically for the soundtrack.
Mindfreak Promo click to view a larger image MF2 Promo
Release Date - 2006

Prior to the release of the Mindfreak A&E TV Series soundtrack, a promo CD featuring "MF2" was released to radio stations.

According to the CD text, MF2 was the first "single" from the soundtrack to be released, although you could not buy MF2 as a separate single to my knowledge. This CD is very rare; it is unknown how many were made and sent to radio.
click to view a larger image Mindfreak - TV Special
Release Date - 2002

Criss released a soundtrack for his popular TV speical, titled Mindfreak, not to be confused with the A&E TV series that aired from 2005-2010. This is music from a one hour TV special.
click to view a larger image click to view a larger image click to view a larger image System in the Triology Series
Release Date - 2000

Criss Angel collaborated with Klay Scott (now known as Klayton) and released a series of 3 albums in 2000, titled System 1 in the Trilogy, System 2 in the Triology, and System 3 in the Trilogy, respectively.

The music from these albums was featured prodominantly in Criss Angel's magic shows in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Mindfreak A&E TV series, and even the BeLIEve Spike TV series.

Reworked versions of a handful of these songs appear on the Mindfreak A&E TV Series Soundtrack.

The music on System 1 in the Trilogy is identical to an earlier 1998 release, Musical Conjurings from World of Illusion, released by Angeldust (see below).
click to view a larger image click to view a larger image click to view a larger image Musical Conjurings from World of Illusion
Release Date - 1998

The first known music that Criss Angel released was not released by "Criss Angel" at all, but rather "Angeldust", an industrial band formed by Criss Angel and Klay Scott in 1995.

The duo released this album in 1998, but disbanded soon after; three other albums featuring Criss Angel and Klay Scott were released in 2000 under the name "Criss Angel", not "Angeldust" (see above).

This album is very rare and difficult to come by. The images to the left are high-quality images of the front cover, back cover, and CD.

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