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Criss Angel BeLIEve
11 Weeks, 11 Epic Demonstrations. Tuesdays on SPIKE!

Criss Angel returns to TV with his BEST work to date!

Mindfreak Earlier this year (2013), Criss announced that he had partnered with a new television network, SPIKE, to produce a new series named after his successful Cirque du Soleil show, Criss Angel BeLIEve. The SPIKE series of the same name will be different from Criss' previous TV series on A&E, Mindfreak. BeLIEve will still have lots of magic, epic demonstrations, and how-did-he-do-that moments, but BeLIEve will also take the viewer behind the scenes and explain how illusions are created and executed by Criss Angel and his team of experts.

BeLIEve debuts on October 8, 2013 with a one hour sneak peak of the series. The official premiere is October 15, 2013 at 10 PM ET! Read what Spike has to say about the series below, visit Spike's web site HERE for exclusive videos, blogs, and info about the series, and be sure to TUNE IN!

SPIKE: Criss Angel sets out to confirm he's the greatest magician of all time in Spike's new original series BeLIEve. Criss has been revolutionizing the art of magic for more than a decade, but in this series, Criss takes his demonstrations to the next level, with an entirely new look and feel. Each week, Angel will attempt bold and audacious demonstrations never attempted by any mystifier in history. For the first time ever in any magic programming, Criss will reveal the creative process beyond the magic as he lets the audience behind closed doors into the creative "think tank" where his team brainstorms, debates and prepares the most spectacular demonstrations in history. This unprecedented access will demonstrate the methods and secrets that go into designing, building and executing these incredible feats.

Each episode of BeLIEve will be listed below as they air!

BeLIEve Season 1
Total Episodes: 10

Season 1
Episode Total: 10

1. Cement Grave (Sneak Peek)
2. Blind
3. Bullet Catch
4. Raise The Dead
5. Levitate Shaq
6. Alligator Torture Escape
7. Lord of Illusions
8. Double Straight Jacket
9. Elephant Herd Vanish
10. Ship Appearance

Where is episode 11? Criss Angel BeLIEve on SPIKE was originally supposed to air 11 one hour episodes, 10 pre-recorded episodes and 1 "live finale" episode to air on December 17, 2013. However, during the Double Straight Jacket demonstration in New York City, Criss injured his shoulder, requiring surgery and time off to heal (read about Criss' surgery HERE). Because of this, the live finale will no longer occur as originally scheduled. The demonstration that was supposed to air during the live finale, "Trinity", will possibly air during a Season 2 of BeLIEve. We can only hope!

Despite this setback, Criss Angel BeLIEve has been a HUGE success for Spike, with the "Criss Rips Bodies Apart" YouTube video getting 15+ million hits in a matter of weeks, a new record, and an international deal to take BeLIEve to over a hundred countries around the world!

Take a look at the best of Season 1 of Criss Angel BeLIEve HERE, courtesy of StarPulse.

We look forward to another amazing season next year! We BeLIEve!

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